Hi guys!

Wild Rose creator, Rachel here!

I have been meaning to make use of this blog space for soooo long and if truth be told - running a small business (and a family!) is so unbelievably time consuming I just haven't had a chance to sit down and write anything. So with Nancy at pre-school, Esme napping and my brand new Bridgerton inspired collection designed and planned, I finally have a moment to sit at my laptop and write (peppermint tea in hand and Extreme Cake Makers on the TV).

Talking of Bridgerton, I was so late to the party watching it. Anybody else?! Although by 'late' I actually mean I probably started watching it a week after everybody else so by then of course, the entire Netflix subscribing population had already binged the entire series. And now - like you probably - I am obsessed!

The series highlighted for me the absolute strength of women and the power we can have in society when we fight for it. And yes I mean - fight for it! We live in a world where total equality still hasn't been achieved and it excites me so much to see women in positions of power in every day life, TV, film, music and politics.

As well as the all important female leadership expressed through the series, I just fell totally in love with the whole theme and vibe of Bridgerton. The flowers, the clothes, the harps, the parties, the gardens, the decor, the language, I could go on... (ahh!) The series has inspired me so much to create a brand new jewellery collection which honestly, is slightly outside of my usual style.

I know you guys love my sterling silver charm bracelets (I do too!) so I thought I would try a few new styles for you all. I have handpicked this little collection called Golden Treasures, from my trusted supplier of sterling silver to create the perfect range of pieces that beautiful combine spring/summer vintage styles with inspiration from strong women that I know and love (and some Bridgerton ladies I have come to adore).

The new collection will be available to buy on website in the next few weeks, perfectly in time for summer so we can all show off our brand new golden jewellery. Let's empower ourselves as women and empower those around us by gifting the most unique piece to represent their personality and style.


Have a fabulous week, thanks for sticking with me!

Love Rachel.



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