Is Stainless Steel good for jewellery?

Is Stainless Steel good for jewellery?

Need luxurious jewellery that fits in with your busy daily life and won't need replacing next year?

For trendy AND long-lasting pieces that are as iconic and bold as you are, then you need stainless steel jewellery in your life.

Years ago, we were dead set on wearing only semi precious metals like pure silver and gold, but here's the truth.

These materials are NOT bank account friendly when you're a true jewellery lover who wants to layer up - and sometimes aren't as hard wearing as you may think. Silver in particular is a super soft metal that can bend and even break over time if you're wearing it every day.

Well guess what! It's 2022 and stainless steel is totally taking over this year and here's why...

★ It's showerproof, waterproof and dancing-in-the-rain-proof! I promise you it won't tarnish
★ It's super AFFORDABLE - no more waiting around for pay days to grab your favourite pieces!
★ It's 100% hypoallergenic which means it won't irritate your sensitive skin AND it won't turn your skin green (if you know, you know)
★ It's extremely hardwearing. Wear it all day and all night because it isn't gonna scratch or dent easily
★ Wild Rose's stainless steel jewellery is also PVD coated for an extra long-lasting AND anti-tarnish finish!

So overall, if you're looking for beautiful jewellery with the same luxurious appeal as pure silver and gold but without the hefty price tag, that you can wear every single day whatever you're doing - then stainless steel is for you!

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