How to choose the perfect ring size.

How to choose the perfect ring size.

Shopping for your new favourite ring but no idea what size to buy?

No problem. Wild Rose's quick and easy guide will show you how to find your perfect size!

Your ring size is the circumference of the base of your finger (or wherever you would like to wear your ring) measured in mm. However many millimetres the circumference of your finger is, is your ring size. Just like clothes size' - depending on whether you're in the UK, the US or Europe - sizing is labelled differently so this is where we need to pay attention.

If you don't happen to own a proper ring sizing tool (because let's face it - who does?!) you can easily measure the size of your finger at home.

1. Using a fabric measuring tape, wrap it around your finger as tight as you would need to wear the ring, and see how many millimetres is it all the way around.

2. Check the size against Wild Rose's Ring Size Guide shown here (and also in the product description section of every product on my website) to find your official size in UK, US and European sizing.

For example, if your finger measures 54mm all the way around the base, you would be a UK size K.

3. It's a good idea to take a note of your size in all categories because different stores will list the sizes differently.

Wild Rose lists all of it's rings in UK sizes but other shops might not.

Top tip: if you have a ring that you already own, take a look inside the band. Occasionally the size is engraved here.

The totally hassle-free alternative to finding your ring size, is to opt for an adjustable ring. This is the perfect option for someone who is either unsure of their size, who wants to mix things up and wear their ring on different fingers depending on the mood OR for someone who is buying a ring as a gift for someone else. An adjustable ring can be easily altered by gently pushing the sides together or pulling them apart to fit whichever finger the ring is being worn on. Just bear in mind that regular adjusting of a ring can weaken the metal.

Wild Rose Jewellery has a selection of both fitted rings AND adjustable rings for you to explore!

Still unsure? No worries! Just drop an email to and Rachel will be here to help you find your size.


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